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About Ginger

I was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Africa) on the 13 of Feb. when my parents were working there as anthropologists, (Abidjan at that time was a French colony). They received a French scholarship to study the "Baoules" - one of the largest ethnic groups on the Ivory Coast. Then, my parents shortly after my birth took me to Northern France. There they became agriculturists. After 10 happy years, my parent's love story was over. My mom went to Paris alone with her 3 children.

While living in Paris as a teenager I fell in love with musical comedy and started to learn how to tap dance. A few years later I became a tap teacher and taught children, adults as well as blind students. In Europe, I performed at cabarets, castles, and various Jazz festivals in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Geneva, and even performed on the Eiffel Tower! Soon I was performing all over Europe. My dream to take America by storm with my "Joie de Vivre” was made possible, when I was awarded the most prestigious French scholarship from the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs called "La Bourse Lavoisier". I am deeply grateful to Monsieur Serge Francois, who gave my a lifetime opportunity to study in New York for almost 3 years where I joyfully studied singing, Tap, ballroom, and acting in New York. I studied tap with Jimmy Slyde, as well as Gregory Hines, Buster Brown, Honi Coles, Steve Condos, Savion Glover, and many others. I performed at the Chez Josephine restaurant for many celebrities (see below), the Plaza Hotel, The Village Gate, at various senior centers/ hospitals and taught and performed at Yale & Harvard clubs and Barnard College.

Also I was seen on Entertainment Tonight, The Danahue Show, Good Day & Good Morning NY, Radio Canada, Bonjour La France (French News) and at various Spanish/Swiss/Norwegian and Italian News broadcast.

Now I am living in my favorite place on the planet "California" - After 9 years of a deep transformation on all levels, I am ready to radiate my "Joy" and "Enthusiasm" to the world through my up coming musical entitled "The Golden Treasure" as a singer, tap dancer and lyricist.

Chez Josephine Mural 76"x120" By Mireille Miller
Copyright 2000 Chez Josephine

Chez Josephine MuralChez Josephine Mural

1: Mabel Mercer
2: Sam Lopata
3: Woody Allen
4: Ruth Ellington
5: Clive Lithgow
6: Louis Armstrong
7: Claude Hopkins
8: Duke Ellington
9: Isaac Hayes
10: Yogi Nishikawa
11: Marina de Brantes
12: Harry Connick Jr.
13: Adelaide Hall
14: Chez Josephine Customer
15: Chez Josephine Customer
16: Marty Kaufman
17: Jean Vergnes
18: Gerald Cooke
19: Thelma Carpenter
20: Monique Van Vooren
21: Jacqueline Stone
22: Ropert Cenedella
23: Florence Mills
24: Jean Sablon
25: Gray Foy
26: Sylvia Myles
27: Sally Steward
28: Rita Jammet
29: Joyce Randolph
30: Albert Murray
31: Serge Bellanger
32: Gwin Joh Chin
33: Frederic Papert
34: Diane Papert
35: Clive Panton
36: Marie-jo Lottier
37: Stellina Bouillon
38: Artie Martin
39: Perrette Souplex
40: Paula Laurence
41: Lynn Whitfield
42: Julie Wilson
43: Charles McGee
44: Bill Cannan
45: Kathi Lane
46: Ethel Waters
47: Amy Sawada
48: Chris Curtis
49: June Martin
50: Peter Allen
51: Koffi Baker
52: Harold Nicholas
53: Jane Powell
54: Donald Wyatt
55: Nicole Devilaine
56: Yvonne Stoney
57: Doc Cheatham
58: Bryan Miler
59: Patrick Pacheco
60: Corisse Arman
61: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
62: Fredi Washington
63: Patrick Gannat
64: Bessie Smith
65: Jean-Claude Baker
66: Josephine Baker
67: Howard Kissel
68: Esther James
69: Dr. John Ho
70: Stephane Grappelli
71: Marian Etoile Watson
72: Rudlolf Nureyev
73: Anthony Quinn
74: Peter Jackson
75: Al Hirschfeld
76: Maude Russel
77: Albert Hunter
78: Liberace
79: Liam Neeson
80: Jarry Baker
81: Lloyd Anderson
82: Andre de Shield
83: Chris Chase
84: Michel Roux
85: Joe Reyes
86: Luce Tronville
87: John Simon
88: Mikhail Baryshnikov
89: Lilette Jenkins
90: Billy Joel
91: Natasha Richardson
92: Ramon Benitez
93: Jimmy Ellis
94: Roy (& Siegfried)
95: Margot Jefferson
96: Josephine Premice
97: Sara James
98: Seymour Barofsky
99: Jessye Norman
100: Al Bundy
101: Siegfried (& Roy)
102: Ginger de Paris
103: Johnny Hudgins
104: Pierre Franey
105: John J. O'Connor
106: Joe Moran
107: Liliane Montevecchi
108: Mireille G. Miller
109: Maurice Chevalier
110: Alan Cumming
111: Steven Gaines
112: Richard Johnson
113: Manuel Paredes
114: Bolivar Julcal
115: Lauren Bacall