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From: Ginger de Paris
March 23rd, 2006

Dear Tap Friend,

Have you ever asked your self... "I want to learn tap dance, but, there are so many teachers and courses out there, I don’t know where to begin."

Look no further! Ginger de Paris Master Tap Dancer. Trained in the art by the true masters of all time, provides a step by step Tap Dance learning course.

Ginger de Paris started learning tap dance at the age of 15. Three years of intensive Dance training and practice Ginger was able to start teaching tap dance by the age of 18 making her the youngest dance teacher in France. Ginger was written up in several magazines and news articles for her work with teaching all ages, including blind students. Ginger then received the most prestigious scholarship issued by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to continue her tap dance training. Well, the only place to learn from the tap dance masters is to go to where the Tap Dance Masters are. So off to New York she went. New York City shined brightly for Ginger, for with in hours of arriving, Ginger had the rare opportunity to meet Jimmy Slyde, quite by accident while tap dancing on the street. Before the year was up Ginger had the opportunity to take lessons from Jimmy Slyde, Savion Glover, Brenda Bafalino, Barbara Duffy, Van (The Man) Porter and Charles “Cookie” Cook to name a few. So successful were her endeavors, Ginger was awarded another full year Scholarship which at that time had never been done! This second year filled with all the new classes studying tap improvisation. Ginger was even able to learn from Masters such as Steve Conders, and Buster Brown. Ginger even met with one of the Tap Landmarks of all time, Harold Nicholas (one of the Nicholas Brothers), who came to see Ginger perform her tap dance routine at Chez Josephine’s in New York City.

Ginger with Harold Nicholas
Harold Nicholas and Ginger
Ginger with Gregory Hines
Gregory Hines and Ginger
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By the end of the second year Ginger had the experience and versatility, which enabled her to apply her knowledge toward very advance classes. Her line up of instructors included the all time great Jimmy Slyde and Gregory Hines. The only problem was, her second year scholarship was about to come to an end.

Well in Ginger’s case the impossible happened; not Once NOT, Twice, but THREE Times!

Only one person won this French scholarship twice in a row, and now that same person, Ginger de Paris, won it again! And now Ginger has the opportunity to pass this time-less tap dancing art on to you. Filmed in New York, Ginger de Paris teaches you 45 tap dance steps in three videos; Learn to Tap Dance Beginner, Learn to Tap Dance Intermediate and Learn to Tap Dance Advanced courses. Available in VHS & DVDs.

A newcomer to tap dancing, I was thrilled to discover Ginger’s Beginner Level. She introduces a number of basic steps and combinations and breaks them down so that they are easy to follow and definitely fun. In no time at all I felt as though I was really tapping! I would recommend this tape to anyone who is interested in getting started in tap.



“When I started Tap Dancing at the age of 15 in Paris, I didn’t know where to turn to so I found a near by dance studio. My first Tap teacher was indifferent to my hunger to learn. He only concentrated on the first row fast learners who naturally picked up the steps quickly and with ease. And he totally ignored the others. I became heart broken and discouraged. I experienced every problem and frustration a student could encounter. I realized that in a perfect world the ideal teacher is the one who take the time to repeat and repeat the same step slowly until the student gets it before moving on to the next step.”

“The concept behind the Tap with Ginger program was inspired by this simple methodology. I’ve been trained by the very best Tap Dancers in the world. I’ve been performing and teaching Tap throughout America and Europe. This program is an easy step-by-step format for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Tap Students. 15 steps on each tape with every step broken down into 3 parts. Each step is introduced and demonstrated with music. Then each step is filmed up close and repeated four times, making it easy to follow. Then it’s your turn to tap along with me to the music.”

Dear Ginger:

Thank you so much. I received it yesterday. I am 50 and just started taking tap. I tap when I was a preteen and didn’t stick with it. I was a real rebel in those days, ha. I absolutely love it now, however she only teaches once a week and it is combined with a jazz class, so since I am 50 my memory is not quite what it use to be, so I decided to search the web and found your beginning tape about a month or so ago. I have mastered the ShimSham and I love your teaching techniques. My husband and I walk around the house complimenting each other by saying “good” the way you do, and have so much fun. It has helped me in class so much just by knowing the steps and what they are called, I can’t thank you enough. I am looking forward to finding the time to open and get started on the intermediate tape. You are a wonderful dancer and a great teacher. I tell everyone that wants to learn, about you! Thank you again!

Blessing to you also!



Learn to Tap Dance Course comes on a DVD (All Regions) or VHS (NTSC or Pal) with three courses; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

  • The lessons are broken down into groups so you start out easy then build on that toward the more advanced level.

  • You have the choice of buying the lessons you want when you need them.
Each 90 minute VHS is $24.95 each.

Or you can purchase all three videos for $59.95, a substantial saving of $14.90.

Each DVD cost $19.95.

Or if you purchase the “Three in One” DVD Tap Dance Series (the three levels- 4 hour long) the price is only $44.95, a substantial saving of $14.90.

Also included; a tap dictionary of all the common tap steps, music count terms and other technical tips. We also offer free shipping for each additional item purchased with initial order.

For more information, feel free to contact us. We will gladly answer any questions you may have, and immediately resolve any problems. We go the extra mile to ensure you are a happy customer. All of our products include a 100% money back guarantee.

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VHS 90 min.
Pal version available on request

DVD 90 min.
works in all regions.

Thank you, and have a great, healthy and exciting day. Keep on Tap Dancing!
Ginger de Paris

P.S. We helped thousands of people achieve their dreams. We can help you as well, guaranteed.

It’s all about the joy of dancing and all the health benefits that go along with it.
What a joy to feel the harmony of becoming one with the music you create with your feet.